Project Aston Martin GT4 - The road to Road Atlanta

Today, we finally got the car back from the body shop... Last June (2012) we had an unfortunate day at Watkins Glen and the poor Aston suffered some extensive damage during a "racing incident."

Now it's crunch-time, with only 10 days until the car needs to be ready and loaded on the trailer for our first race at Road Atlanta. This year we will be campaigning this monster in SCCA's Majors series. "The U.S. Majors Tour is the pinnacle of championship racing in North America."  

For more info on the new series click the link ------------------->

Follow me for a daily look into what it takes to transform this once race damaged GT4 into a race winning machine. ( Ill post up some "before" pictures... don't get nervous.)

When the car came back to us, it was a skeleton; lacking bumpers, sills, doors, front "wings", etc.  Today I began to fit the new right side sill, front bumper, fenders, and headlights.  All this work needs to be done very carefully to assure all body lines come together to meet in harmony... 

New style rear bumper...  Carbon fiber heaven? I think so.  This will accent the new Areo Kit we'll be slapping on this year quite nicely... Unfortunately things in England have been a bit backed up (too many tea breaks) and we will not have the sick wing to show off in Hotlanta.  

More shots of the posterior.
Fat bottom.

03/01/2013 9:43pm

So bad ass dude. Can't wait to see more

03/01/2013 10:52pm

Good job! Tranny mounts and dampers?


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